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Updated: January 19, 2011

Here's a treasure that doesn't pop up too often, a vintage Japanese Lost in Space Sonosheet record set!

Released in Japan by Asahi Sonorama when the series was first being broadcast, the record has a story that takes elements from many familiar episodes of the classic series as the Robinsons' escape from one danger to another, all covered in the 12 color and duotone pages included with the record sleeve.

The record is, of course, entirely in Japanese, but it's still easy to pick out who is who, and if you though Dr. Smith sounded like a sniveling sneak in English, just wait until you hear him in Japanese! The record is in very good condition, with no scratches, though it does have the usual snaps and pops when played. The sleeve is in good condition, with some visible wear on the covers and along the edges of the pages.

A rare collectible you'll want for your Lost in Space collection!

Value: $500-Up.

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