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Updated: January 26, 2021

REMCO LOST IN SPACE ROBOT - 1966 - RARE RED W/GREEN DOME & CLAWS - Does not compute does not compute...

Rarer than the good Dr. Smith telling the truth, this is the classic Remco "Lost in Space" Robot. Quite unique, it is the first produced toy Robot of the famous mechanical man from Lost in Space, in a very scarce color combination. Molded primarily in tomatoe red plastic, all of its clear parts are transluscent green.

Typically, this baby-boomer favorite is found with clear components. But to find an example with the clear green parts is indeed difficult. And he's in excellent shape! The overall piece appears to be almost new, with all body parts unscratched, tight-fitting and clean. Both left and right cardboard footplates are bright, colorful and tightly in place. The ever hard-to-find battery bar is indeed present and fits tightly in the underside. His arms work perfectly, both levers are clean with tight springs and his claw hands move freely. In addition, all three wheels are present, with the rear steering wheel rubber intact. Turn him on and he functions well, with a strong motor driving him forward and lights blinking bright. Top dome, which is ALWAYS a problem, has both metal rings and only slight splitting at the seam. Dome, claws, chest plate and front panel lights are, again, molded in clear green, all being unmarked and glass clean.

And, yes, finally, this prize specimen comes with its original box, in good condition, with an unmarked, vivid color photo. (Sorry, no instructions.)

Warning! Warning! Search the known galaxy, you will not find this ultra-rare Robot again! Does not compute, does not compute....

Value: $1,000-Up.

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