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Updated: June 09, 2008

B-9 Robot from televison history classic 60's Series Lost in Space. WARNING! WARNING! This B-9 Coming thru with special-speed action!

Newly just built from the Masudaya YM-3's 80's issue model toy kit. The 16-INCH ROBOT w/CUSTOMIZED-FEATURES: Custom-Made RUBBER LEGS Actual Rubber-Tubing Has Been Wrapped & Securely Bonded. To Make The ROBOT More THE AUTHENTiC SQUEEZE-LOOK! More than Just Painted! Bottom Platform Added Rolling Wheel-Action Switch Just Below Control-Plate. Powered By Three AAA-Batteries Sits In Bottom Of Legs. Robot-ARMS: Replaced With Black Rubber Coil flexible With: PUTTY-IN RED-CLAWS. POWER-PAC: With GREEN CIRCUIT-BOARD. Brain-Detail Highlighted Decals With, White Blinking-Lights. Chest Lights-UP RED ~ Much Brighter Deeper RED than photos. WHITE-LIGHTS TOP TWO BIGGER BUTTONS! Control-Plate Square-Buttons Have Decals With Printed-Word Functions. Lights In Chest & Head Operate Switch Lower Back Legs. Powered From Newly Provided Eight AA-Battery-Pack Located In Robot Torso. To Show On-Off Switch Between Legs Just Above Platform. Robot Does NOT Have Voice-Box As Batteries For Lights Take Up that Space. Robot Shown With Unfinished Masudaya Robot to Show Difference & Rubber-Leg effect! LIGHTS & WHEEL-ACTION Work Independent of Each Other. As Lights Can Be On Just For Display: With No-Wheel-Action / Why it has two Switches!

For serious collectors, great display show-piece! Watch him Blink! Watch him Go! Sit with him & watch the show! Bubble Headed-Booby! This LOST IN SPACE ROBOT one of the best made.

Created by Robot Artist, "Jerry VonMueller".

Value: $400.

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