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Updated: June 09, 2024

Lily Munster ( nee Dracula, daughter of the Count Dracula ) is the wife of Herman Munster and the daughter of Grandpa. She used to live in Transylvania but fell in love with Herman and moved to America with him. She lives at Munster Mansion with her family. She was played by movie actress Yvonne De Carlo.

Lily is a beautiful white skinned woman who has the outward appearance of a female vampire, often wearing a long diaphanous white dress with a necklace. The bat necklace she wears is a "Bad luck charm", that she got in Transylvania. She is often scolding Herman for his deeds and snaps quickly at him. But she still loves Herman all the same. She is a vampire by looks but not of nature as she is very kind at heart.

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