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Updated: January 25, 2024

Herman discovers he's the new lord of Munster Hall in England. The family sails to Britain, where they receive a tepid welcome from Lady Effigy and Freddie Munster, who throws tantrums because he wasn't named Lord Munster. An on-board romance had blossomed between Marilyn and Roger, but on land Marilyn discovers Roger's family holds a longstanding grudge against the Munsters. Herman upholds the family honor in an auto race; he and Grandpa also unlock "the secret of Munster Hall." Written by Dennis Lewis.


Towards the end of the movie, Herman ( Fred Gwynne ) and Grandpa ( Al Lewis ) are shouting for help. Herman says, "Call Batman," then adds, "Car 54, where are you?" Car 54, Where Are You? was the title of a 1961 comedy series that featured both Gwynne and Lewis.


It is mentioned that Freddie Munster's father disowned him so the title "Lord Munster" would pass to Herman. In English peerage, a title passes onto the next in line of succession regardless of the previous holder's wishes. Only an Act of Parliament may remove an heir. Freddie's father could leave all the money and land to Herman, but the title would go to Freddie.


Marilyn Munster: Trying to get out of a Ferrari GT Spider without revealing too much leg a girl has trouble getting out of these things... Roger: Yes, I think the Italians designed them that way.

I remember seeing the movie when it came out on the silver screen over the Summer of 1966. We finally got to see the Munsters in living color. It was every fan's hope that the success of this movie would save the TV series from cancellation. Sad to say, the series was axed before the movie was released. And in spite of the crowds that paid to see the Munsters on the silver screen, the series remained in its canceled state. The Network execs had made up their minds and that decision was final! Debbie Watson was a cute and perky teenager. But casting her in a role that belonged to Pat Priest, was a big mistake that angered Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis. This choice also left many in the audience either puzzled or downright angry. I would imagine that this role also played a part in Debbie Watson's movie career, going the way it did ( she retired from acting in 1972 ).

With all things considered, Debbie Watson played her role well. The movie lived up to its claims. It was hilarious. It was everything that the TV series was, except that it was in living color ( and there was no canned laughter ). If you loved The Munsters, you'll love this movie!

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