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Updated: May 29, 2004

This is the original Navy Jacket worn by actor Henry Kulky. Actor Henry Kulky played the character of Chief Curley Jones on the TV series, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea". The actor played the role for one season, 1964-65 and passed away after the first season. Making this item even rarer to obtain and quite valuable. The costume was obtained from Western Costumes in Hollywood Calif. I would like to thank Ken Caslis of Orange Calif. for selling this prop costume to me.

I received an e-mail on 1/21/03 from a fellow Voyage fan. He noticed that costume ranks were incorrect. Noted that the LT. Commanders strips on sleeves and no insignia for a Chief Petty Officer (CPO).

My reply to this comment: Very interesting comment, and I did not notice this when I purchased the costume several years ago. This particular costume was only used briefly for the first season on Voyage. Many if not all the costumes/props used on Irwin Allen's TV shows were modified and reused for other shows/films during the years. Western Costumes also rented these costumes and made changes on these costumes as requested by Producers/Directors for new written scripts for such productions.

Value: $1,500.

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