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Updated: February 17, 2022

There were a series of different "Flying Sub" props made for the fourth season on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. In fact 6 are known to be in the hands of private collectors which I know of 3 of them personally. The Flying Sub was a craft which traveled underwater like any other sub, but could also power itself to the surface and fly like a plane. The models would perform these two functions, but not without the aid of guide wires.

Resembling the body of a manta ray, several sizes of the Flying Sub came into use. Fabrications methods were the same as those employed for making the Seaview, namely wood and plaster sculptures created first, then cast in fiberglass. The largest model made was thirty-six inches wide by thirty-six inches long. Two other models measured eighteen by eighteen inches and ten by ten inches respectively. These last two sizes had been built so that they would fit into the hatches of the eighteen and eight-foot submarine models. Scenes could be filmed showing the Flying Sub being launched or berthed from either of the larger Seaviews.

Value: $50,000-Up.

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